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The Quiet Waters Homeowners Association, Inc. is a 501 (c)(4) non-profit corporation that promotes the recreation, health, safety, welfare, benefit and enjoyment of the homeowners within the community.

Mailbox update: 219th and 29th

by QWAdmin - January 7th, 2022

Hi Neighbors!
I wanted to provide a few updates regarding the mailboxes that were damaged over the Holidays. Bids have been received and the Board will expedite this process through JC Higgins. Approval should be today and we will request expedited repair, as well. As suggested in other posts, the Post Office recommends holding your mail during this time.
You can also sign up for Informed Delivery to preview incoming email. I subscribe to the service and it’s very helpful.
Please share with any of your neighbors that are not on Facebook or the QWHOA website.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact your Board at qwhoa1@gmail.com

March 24th, 2021 Meeting Minutes

by QWAdmin - April 6th, 2021

Call to Order at 3:05PM
Attendance: Jody Wilson, Debra Willingham, Mark Pampe, and Alonna Bailey with JCH

Member participation in future votes
Election of board members
Removal of a Board Member
Board positions for 2021

Member participation in future votes:
This is a very special neighborhood. To keep it that way, it is imperative that the HOA Members (each lot) actively participate in decisions regarding this community. Unfortunately, it has been many years, if ever, that we have had the quorum needed for a certifiable vote on issues or board member elections. As a result, board members (past and present) have been appointed (per by-laws and JC-Higgins guidance per RCW), but not elected. Also, proposed budgets have been approved by the appointed volunteer board, and then ratified due to not having a quorum to put to vote by HOA members, there also has not been an increase proposed. To maintain this neighborhood as a great place to live and raise a family, the current board is committed to finding a way to increase HOA Member participation in future votes. The board will be more proactive by reaching out in advance asking for participation and proxies to help establish a quorum. Our ask of the HOA Members is to please attend yearly meetings and respond when proxies are distributed. HOA Member participation is vital.

Election of board members:
None of the volunteer board members (past and present) have been elected. For years, all have been appointed due to lack of quorum and/or lack of volunteers willing to take a board position. The Board confirmed with JC-Higgins that the sequence of appointments has been appropriate per the by-laws and RCW governing codes, and all board positions are legitimately filled. However, also as mentioned above, we feel it is certainly best to have elected board members. So, in preparation for the next yearly meeting, we will be proactive in recruiting candidates and proxies in order to get an official election at the yearly meeting. Members part will be willingness to volunteer for a position, and to return their proxy or attend the meeting.

Process of removing a board member:
A few members have inquired about the process of removing board members. Alonna has provided the official step by step process. A special meeting is to be called by 1/5 of the membership. 32 members. This is done by signing a petition and the petition gets turned in and verified by management. The petition and obtaining signatures are something a community member would facilitate doing, not the management company. The petition is to state the exact purpose of the meeting. Once the petition is verified the management company submits it to the Board of Directors and the Board shall call a special meeting for that exact purpose, we are required to give a 30-day notice for this meeting same as the annual meetings. The Board of Directors/management company are the one who runs the meeting and chooses the meeting date and times and provides the notices for such. In order to successfully remove a board member, we would need majority of members, so 50% plus 1, 79 homes, to vote the board member off. This would be done by ballot. With the current situation and governor’s proclamation we are not allowed to have in person meetings so it would be held just like the 2021 annual, via zoom for information, and a mail in ballot that would constitute the actual meeting. If we get the number of votes needed to remove a member than the remaining board members shall appoint someone to fill the remaining term of the removed member until the annual meeting where that term is up at which if we are at quorum, is when a membership election would take place. This can all be found in the by-laws under article 3 sections 2, & 3, and article 4, section 3.

Board Positions for 2021
Mark- President
Jody- Treasurer
Deborah- Vice President

Review of a few play chip bids- will look into the person we used last time.

Meeting Adjourned at 3:46PM

Minutes respectfully submitted by Alonna Bailey, JC

February 25th, ANNUAL Meeting Minutes

by QWAdmin - March 27th, 2021


QW HOA Board – Annual Meeting
Thursday, February 25, 2021

Introductory Remarks – Alonna Bailey

Due to public health guidelines surrounding Covid-19, this meeting was held via zoom. The audience was muted with an opportunity to text in questions and comments. The meeting was given a 2 hour max presentation time.

Call to Order/President’s Report – Debra Willingham

Review of agenda.

Introduction of Board – Debra Willingham, President and Jody Wilson, Treasurer.

The HOA Board met 7 times in 2020. The HOA Board took steps to improve communication with JC Higgins on the completion of projects including community septic, wetland tracts, play chips at the park, replacement of a tree, replacement of a road sign, paint guidelines and repair of the power box at the park. The Board is also taking steps to create a greater social media presence on FaceBook through the “Unofficial QW HOA” page.

Contact information for JC Higgins and the HOA Board was presented and can be found to the QW HOA website and the aforementioned FB page.

AAdvanced Septic Presentation – Jeremiah Gunia

AAdvanced Septic is the primary service provider for the community sewage system. They complete the annual assessments and respond to emergency calls. Forty-one homes are on this system. The vast majority of homes have their own drainage fields in their own yards or adjacent yards. There has been an improved categorization of homes on the community system and trouble shooting is more efficient. Travis Johnstone is the contact person for the QW account.

ACC Committee Report – Steve Hauss (aka Jake Artley)

Committee also includes Gary Olson and Mark Pampe.

During 2020, the committee reviewed 27 items including external paint colors, additional building structures, fence stain color, patio/decking, tree removal and design change on exterior pillars.

The committee focuses on CC&R’s Article 9 for guidance on approval process. ACC does not approve building codes. The homeowner is required to access county permits for compliance to building codes.

The ACC submittal form is located on the QW website. There is no review required if the homeowner is fixing an item to its’ original sate. However, if there is a change in color, material or addition of a new structure, ACC approval is required PRIOR to the work being completed. ACC has 30 days to respond to approval requests with a general response time of 2 weeks. Forms are emailed to Alonna Bailey at JC Higgins who will then forward the request to the ACC committee. Homeowners will receive direct contact and approval from ACC regarding their proposed projects.

Additional Chat Questions/Comments – Chain link fencing is not allowed. In 2021, there will be new guidance on exterior paint colors.

Financial Report – Alonna Bailey

Graphics were shown to illustrate the current financial balances.

2020 Balance Sheet
Cash (bill pay account) – $1,738.95
Savings – $26,588.27
Reserve – $59,197.43

Total – $87, 524.65

Cash Flow spreadsheet graphic was shared. Total income for 2020 was $79,019.20 and expenses were $62,494.33.

Additional Chat Questions/Comments – All 156 lots in the community are sold. One lot is vacant and not contributing HOA dues. All dues were collected. The Reserve Fund is only used for a major capital improvement or replacement. In 2020, $7,000 was contributed to reserve fund.

JC Higgins Role with QW HOA Board – Alonna Bailey

Assist HOA Board in enforcing CC&Rs and provide statutory guidance on decision making. JC Higgins does not employ attorneys, but will offer referrals, if needed. JC Higgins provides clerical and financial services. They assist in collecting bids and information for proposed work. All decisions are ultimately made by the HOA Board. During 2020, Covid-19 required JC Higgins to reduce hours and positions. Certain vendors were not allowed to perform duties. Fines and late fees were not allowed. The number of homeowner contacts increased dramatically. In addition to Alonna Bailey, Chelsea will be joining the QW team. Chelsea will largely focus in the areas of member contacts, including ACC forms, and violations. Alonna will focus on assisting the HOA Board, financials and special projects.

New Business – Debra Willingham

Remarks to inform the community, that competitive bids for alternate management companies have been considered. The HOA Board is maintaining the business relationship with JC Higgins as they believe they have established and can maintain a positive working relationship.

The board seeks to fill a third officer role. Nominations were taken from the floor.
The community may vote to seat one of the following residents, Mark Pampe, Theresa Michelac or Cena Wilson.

A voting quorum is determined by the number of returned ballots. Ballots are due March 4, 2021. Votes will be tabulated on March 5, 2021.

The board also seeks volunteers for the following committees which will work in coordination to the board on specific tasks:
Social Committee – spearhead activities and events in the neighborhood
(Kim Mace and Emily Morris volunteered from the floor)

Neighborhood Watch – create neighborhood alert systems

Playground – Investigate options for replacement/repair of equipment and seek
information/estimates of cost for a total replacement of playground equipment.
(Emily Morris volunteered from floor)

Additional Chat Comments/Questions – Request to allow the social committee access to the funds which were budgeted to the renting of meeting space for this annual meeting.

Playground – Alonna Bailey

The current dilemma with the playground repair (slide) is that the manufacturer is no longer in business. Other playground manufacturers will not repair or replace an item on equipment which is not their own. At one point, the HOA was able to secure an independent contractor to do the the initial repair work but he is no longer working. Therefore, the repair plan has stalled.

The current financial reserve study shows that replacement of the playground is viable in 2034. The current HOA Board is committed to annually funding the reserve to meet the financial needs. The estimated cost for replacement of the playground equipment and removal of current structure is $35,000-45,000.

Additional Chat Questions/Comments – The reserve study is available for all members to review. Contact Alonna if you would like a digital copy. Depleting the savings or reserve funds is not a recommended financial strategy to fund the cost of a new playground. The playground is not the only item on the reserve study. The HOA will be seeking a proper financial strategy with the combination of an annual dues increase, special assessment and/or special fundraising activities. These funding strategies will be determined based on the findings and recommendations of the playground committee. At the time these proposals are formulated, the larger residential community will be notified. The current HOA Board will seek a community vote for this large expenditure. Repairs to the playground must be performed by professionals due to liability issues.

Review of 2021 Budget – Alonna Bailey

Graphic illustrating the 2021 proposed budget was shared. Line items were reviewed.

There has been no increase in HOA dues for 9 years. Traditionally, HOA’s increase dues every other year. The HOA Board will consider a dues increase which will be presented to the community at the 2022 annual meeting.

In the past, the HOA Board has not been always funded the reserve with adherence to the guidelines. The reserve is 66% funded. The current HOA Board is committed to funding the reserve at the annual recommended levels.

Significant costs have surfaced in the maintenance of community wetland tracts around the QW neighborhood. The current estimate for the cost to maintain Tract M is $11,000-12,000 with annual maintainence costs, thereafter. These areas must be addressed as they have had direct negative impact on homeowner’s property.

The reserve study also indicates that replacement of landscaping is due in 2021 with a projected cost of $11,000.

Mailboxes are due for upcoming replacement at $1600 each. They will be replaced at a rate of one per year.

Additional Chat Quesitons/Comments – Comment made about a special assessment for playground which requires a 51% vote from the community.

Community Wetlands – Jody Wilson and Homer Wood

Homer Wood presented graphic illustrations and detailed explanation of wetland tracts. Some of the tracts have assigned responsibility to Pierce Co. In 2020, the current HOA Board became aware of the tracts for which the community is responsible.

The role of the HOA Board is to encourage Pierce Co. to maintain their areas. However, the Board has no influence on the type of work that is done or the schedule of maintenance. Conversely, the HOA has full responsibility for the scope of work completed in the other tracts and will be creating a schedule of annual maintenance to limit excessive expenses.

Special thanks for Homer Wood for his generosity of time to this community project.

Open Forum –

Remarks about violations and interpretation of the CC&Rs. The current HOA Board and JC Higgins are developing strategies to improve this area of service and improve communication. Violation disputes are reviewed by the Board and grace is administered often.

The HOA Board and JC Higgins will not respond to complaints listed on the QW Neighborhood FB Page. Members must email the Board or JC Higgins, directly.

Meeting Adjourned

November 19, 2020 Board Minutes

by QWAdmin - February 2nd, 2021


QW HOA Board

Thursday, November 19th 2020

Call to order at 6PM

The Board welcomed Alonna Bailey back as manager as she has taken back over the Quiet Water Account.

Aaron Brandon stated this would be his last meeting as board member as he is stepping down. His time and work have been greatly appreciated!

The board will be having one more meeting in January to prepare for the February Annual.

The Board of Directors have captured all open items in order to move forward and this meeting is to run through those items and create a plan of action.


· October financials; nothing stood out

· Jody and Alonna will schedule a time to go over the full monthly financial statements to be able to better understand exactly what each page means, possibly having a gal from JCH accounting team present during this meeting or the annual to answer questions to better assist.



· The Board spoke about recent approvals and were looking into specific ACC guidelines.

· Often times paint can look different on the color sample verse actually on the structure. Discussion on what can be done if the paint on the structure is in fact different than the paint color submitted and approved.

· Discussion on zero scaping and if the board can put more guidelines on this. Section 21 of the CC&R’s state “At least 60% of front yard shall be lawn area unless ACC approves otherwise”.


· Discussion on allowing or denying homes within the community to be used as Air B&B’s

· The Board would be able to amend the Rules and regulation to put better limits on the rental length terms as long as it does not contradict what is in the governing documents.


· Dead end sign at park sign gone; Alonna will reach out to county to replace as this is a cunty responsibility.

· Power box on west side of the park needs screws to better secure, will ask serviceperson for their recommendation on what can be used.

· Columbia bank check book, old board member had and has since moved. We did not use this often and have not needed it since. Will cancel the checks.

Land use areas:

· Clearing of private storm drains, in the NW corner of property.

· Alonna will look into three quotes that the previous manager received and see if they are still valid, as well as check with county on if the scope of work will suffice before the project start as this is a large cost.

· For cutting down the trees, Alonna will look into the bid form the landscaper and compare with the county report as well as verify the scope who the county.

· We will ask about leaving the trees in the area to save on cost.

· Alonna will ask the county to look at the other tracts to see of any upcoming required work to be better prepared.

· Community member has volunteered to work with the county on the cattail removal in the pond.

Open items:

· Need to know manufacture of play set to see about getting a proper slide replacement.

· Monthly drive over due in October; needs to be completed ASAP (Drives to be conducted on Mondays or Fridays to avoid garbage day and grace period for bins). Per the governor’s proclamation the HOA is allowed to start implementing violation fines again and drives will get back on the monthly schedule with fines when necessary.

o Discussed the weed and clover tolerance as well as items in violation that have been seen.

· Alonna will work on getting bids for artificial wood chips to compare to the bids we received for treated wood chips. As well as look into how many pounds these companies are proposing is needed to possibly price out buying and having a work party install to save on money.

Open Board Position:

· We did receive a volunteer, Justcena Wilson, to fill in the member at large position until an official election can be held.

· Discussed doing an “email blast” asking for volunteers for the board.

· Mentions of an ACC member who showed interest in being on the board at last year’s annual meeting.


· Enumclaw landscaping is whom is contracted to mow and spray the fields twice a year.

· With issues arising in the past A Advanced had mentioned the heavy equipment could crack lines as they are not that are down into the ground and the would have no idea.

· A-Advanced wants to mow as they know where the lines and other areas are at to hopefully avoid issues in the future. Alonna will ask for their cost.

· One open issue; check valve; Alonna will follow up.

Debra = President

Jodi = Treasurer

Justcena= Member at Large

We will start doing quarterly mailings such as newsletters to keep members informed. The board does not feel as though facebook is a good way to properly or officially get information out to members as well as not everyone is on facebook – Aaron’s final vote is to support this decision.

Aaron to pass on signs and septic maps onto current board members.

Minutes respectfully submitted by,

Alonna Bailey

Association Manager